Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Famed Beatlegger Dr. Ebbetts quits!

Good news/bad news Dept.: Famed Beatles bootlegger Dr. Ebbetts, known for his excellent-sounding "needle drop" from-vinyl transfers of classic Beatles albums to CD, is calling it quits. This news is on good authority--from renowned Beatleg expert Doug Sulpy himself. So that's bad. The good news is why Doc Ebbetts is quitting:

Evidently, the Doc has heard samples which purport to be from the upcoming remasters, feels that these better his own work, and has decided it isn't worth it to carry on with the "core" of his collection rendered obsolete by the upcoming official releases.

Obviously, this means that the upcoming official remasters of the Beatles' albums are going to sound really, really good. Up until now, Dr. Ebbetts' releases have been the best way to hear the Fabs' output on disk, far surpassing the sound quality of the official CDs released in the late 1980s.

So, I bid a fond farewell to Doc E. and all the great work he's done tiding us over in the interim.

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