Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Details on Beatles: Rock Band instruments

Not only will people be able to play along with the Beatles once the new Fabs-based Rock Band game is released, they'll be able to do so on replicas of the band's instruments.

According to various sources, items available will be replicas of John Lennon's Rickebacker 325, George Harrison's Gretsch Duo Jet for $99 each. These fake instruments won't be included in the "special edition" of the game, which comes with a replicas of Paul McCartney's iconic violin-shaped Hofner bass and Ringo Starr's bass drum with Beatles logo.

And, according to Kotaku, the game will feature the ability to attach up to three microphones so players can take a stab at replicating the Fabs' harmonies.

Y'know what, though, why not learn to play a real guitar? For the price of the game and assorted extra plastic guitars, you could buy an Epiphone Casino, the guitar John, George and Paul owned from the late 1960s on and used on the sessions from everything from "Rubber Soul" through "Abbey Road."

You will never be cool playing a toy guitar, man.

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