Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dylan visits Lennon's boyhood home

Bob Dylan has been quite the Beatlemanic lately. First, he mentions that he'd like to collaborate with Paul, now he's visiting Liverpool tourist attractions--namely John Lennon's boyhood home, "Mendips," in the leafy suburb of Woolton. Apparently, nobody else on the tour noticed him.

A National Trust spokeswoman said Dylan "appeared to enjoy himself".

Visitors are free to wander around the property while asking questions of the curator.

But as tourists prepared to drive out to the house to get an insight into one musical icon, they did not recognise another one sitting next to them.

"He took one of our general minibus tours. People on the minibus did not recognise him apparently," the spokeswoman said.

"He could have booked a private tour but he was happy to go on the bus with everyone else," she added.

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