Monday, August 31, 2009

EMI: More Beatles in Mono box sets on the way

EMI says it plans to manufacture more Beatles in Stereo and Beatles in Mono box sets, even though some online retailers, including Amazon, say they are out of their allotted supplies of both.

So, it sounds like both boxes will be back in stock. The mono box is a limited edition, but there's been no word as to how limited. It seems, though, that if sellers such as Amazon keep getting orders for it, EMI will make enough boxes to fulfill those orders. After all, why give scalpers and bootleggers the profits?

As mentioned before, you can sign up for e-mail notices from Amazon as to if/when more of the boxes are available. Click here to sign up for a notification about the stereo set and here about the mono.

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  1. So glad I ordered when pre-orders began on Amazon!