Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ringo admits he's a crappy drummer--on Rockband

Ringo Starr is always getting (very unfairly, in my opinion) slammed for being a bad drummer. But when it comes to playing the fake little plastic drums in the Beatles: Rock Band game, he admits himself that he's not so hot:

The drummer reckons he is barely able to play along with the computer game because he cannot concentrate on the on-screen cues.

Starr, 69, told the New York Times he had tried to play Rock Band only once: "It's impossible. I cannot watch the line going down and play at the same time."

But don't let this feed the myth that Ringo's not a great drummer. Yeah, he's no Gene Krupa. But, as the other Fabs have said, there was no better drummer for the Beatles' music. Listen to his great fills throughout the band's canon and how his drumming always serves the song. That, my friends, is what good musicianship is all about.

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